Same Finance

Leveraged Yield Farming with Focus on Stable Income and Stable Growth.


SameFinance is available on the HECO and HSC blockchain, with later release on BSC and POLYGON in Q1 2022 onwards


Deposit tokens in deposit pools and earn interest as your tokens get borrowed by other users. Earn yields with low risk with the new stablecoin deposit pools.


Stake your interest-bearing Tokens and earn SAME tokens, maximising your returns!


Borrow tokens to open a Leveraged Yield Farming position, earning you SAME tokens with a larger position and higher risks.

Optimal Trading Routes

Same Finance searches for and uses the best possible trading route for different trading pairs. For example, a stablecoin pair like SUSD/USDT is swapped on, providing the lowest price impact and 0.04% trading fees for the 6x leveraged farming to increase farming revenue.

Farm With No Limit

Same Finance swaps your farm assets and the borrowed assets to get an equal value split and then to add the liquidity in the pool. For example, for the SAME/USDT pool, you can deposit any amount of SAME or USDT to open your position, without needing to prepare both the tokens by yourself, which can take up additional fees and time.

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Auto Staking and Auto Compounding

When you add liquidity, Same Finance automatically stakes your LP tokens on the chosen platform (such as MDEX), making it so you start earning right away. At the same time you also earn SAME rewards. Same Finance has a bot that auto-reinvests every hour. Additionally, anyone opening, closing or adding to their position trigger reinvesting for everyone who has a position. This compounds earnings and results in higher yields.

Claim SAME Rewards Anytime

When staking your ibTokens or opening a leveraged yield farming position, you'll also earn bonus SAME rewards. Same Finance doesn't take any fees for early withdrawal, so SAME rewards can be claimed anytime.

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